• One-to-one Performances Sought for Cruising for Art at IBT13 (Bristol)

    6 December 2012 Jobs & Opportunities

    Cruising for Art is a project collecting one-to-one performances for the late-night festival party Dressage, held at Bristol's club Lakota on 16 February as part of In Between Time.

    The organisers are looking for up to five performers to join a line-up that already includes Stacy Makishi, Mitch & Parry, R. Justin Hunt, Lucy Fizz, and Season Butler. Work must be for 1-2 audience members at a time, must be tech light (with each performer responsible for sorting their own tech needs during the show), must be flexible enough to appear in a number of different spaces, and must be repeatable throughout the evening. Previous work at Cruising for Art work has 'taken any number of forms - gentle conversations, sensual challenges, hilarious games and heartbreaking revelations'.

    Note that all work will have to be performed within the context of the busy Lakota club, and that while there will be a limited number of quiet areas available that can be completely private, the majority of performances will take place in public spaces.

    Payment for the work is a fee of £150; submissions can be existing or new work, and can come from artists at any stage in their careers. To submit your idea, send a 100-300 word description with information on previous work (links to a website, photos or descriptions of previous shows) to Jo Bannon at jo@inbetweentime.co.uk Deadline is 17 December 2012.