• Open Call for Artists for Volcano Circus Festival (Reykjavik, Iceland)

    27 August 2012 Jobs & Opportunities
    The Circus Village

    Next year The Circus Village, a sort of travelling festival and residency site that's been touring sites in Norway this summer, will be in Reykjavik, Iceland as part of Volcano Circus Festival, a new event organised by The Nordic House.

    The organisers have issued an open call for artists to join the Village. In what capacity you contribute is very open: you could present a performance there, use the facilities for research and development, perform an act in the Village's cabaret, give a workshop or masterclass, or propose some other idea or project. For those interested in contributing the Village can offer:

    – A 22m ø circus tent, 10m ø stage, 10m height.
    – A 16m ø circus tent, 8m ø stage, 8m height.
    – A 6m ø circus tent for small scale performances for children, 2.5 m ø stage, 5m up to small round couple, seating for 80 all around.
    – Free use of tent/stage with basic light and sound.
    – Marketing through the Nordic House and Circus Village general PR.

    Volcano Circus Festival will be held 4-14 July 2013 in Reykjavik. To express interest or ask for more information e-mail kristin@nordice.is The deadline for performance/workshop proposals is 17 December 2012.

    Artists: Circus Xanti