• Small Wonders: £20,000 Commission for a New Outdoor Work for Under 5s

    7 August 2012 Jobs & Opportunities
    Small Wonders

    Small Wonders was set up last year as a commissioning and professional development initiative to create outdoor work for the under 5s, produced by Alchemy Productions and bringing together seven national festival partners: Activate Performing Arts (Dorset), FUSE Medway Festival, Hat Fair (Winchester), IF Milton Keynes, Lakes Alive (Cumbria), Norfolk and Norwich Festival, and Chelmsford Borough Council. In 2011 Small Wonders commissioned Fevered Sleep to make the show Little Universe (currently touring), and now are seeking to commission another piece of outdoor work for under 5s to tour in 2013 and 2014.

    On offer is a £20,000 commissioning fee to cover all the costs of creation, and then in addition the commissioned work will tour to each of the seven partner festivals for two consecutive days for a fee of £2,000 exclusive of VAT per location. The partners will cover travel and accommodation.

    The commission is not limited to any artform, but there's an extensive list of criteria in the full brief along with details of how to apply. The first deadline (for short briefs) is 9am on 14 September 2012, then shortlisted groups must submit their full proposals by 12 October 2012 and attend a presentation day in London on 17 October 2012. For more details see here.