• Springboard Presentations at Sortilège, Rue & Vous in Ath, Belgium

    30 December 2011 Jobs & Opportunities

    Each year Ath's outdoor festival Sortilège, Rue & Vous programmes a Springboard (Tremplin) that puts young artists and their new creations in front of an audience of programmers.

    There's no fee for performances, but companies are given technical support and can play for the hat if they wish. The main reason to go is for the chance of meeting with programmers, who do seem to attend the festival. Here's Yohann Floch writing about Sortilège following a CASCAS trip:

    Since the festival is the first of the Walloon season, many programmers can be found among the 10,000 to 12,000 spectators, scouting works that they might later decide to book for their own audiences. The professionals are particularly interested in the “Tremplin” (Springboard) section, which young companies can apply for to test a first production or a work-in-progress. Even if the young performers are not paid for their presentation, their costs are covered and they receive coaching as well as support in the technical aspects of their in-situ performances. They are also accompanied in choosing the best outdoor space to enable optimal performance conditions.

    If you'd like to apply for the Springboard there's info and an application form here (in French) under 'Le tremplin invite les jeunes compagnies a participer au festival'. Deadline for applications is 6 February 2012; the festival itself will be on 17 May 2012.