• York Theatre Royal £20,000 TakeOver Residency Award

    15 January 2013 Jobs & Opportunities
    York Theatre Royal

    Each year the York Theatre Royal runs the TakeOver Festival, a year-long project that culimates in a three-week event where young people under 26, after a year of mentoring, fully take over the operation of the venue.

    The TakeOver Residency is an opportunity for the TakeOver team to commission an arts company to create a new production for an under 26 audience – and in doing so to learn the ins and outs of producing a new piece of theatre.

    Artists from across all disciplines are invited to apply for the 2013 residency. The company that is chosen for the commission will be asked to complete one month of research and development at York Theatre Royal working directly with young people in the local area to inform and shape their ideas. The project will be produced by Charlotte Bennett for York Theatre Royal and funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

    Those applying for the commission are encouraged to see the residency as a springboard and to consider the possible future life of their project. Note also that while the project needs to be targeted to an under 26 audience, it can be for any specific (or non-specific) age range – so it could be for 6-10 year-olds or it could just be for anyone under 26.

    For more information and an application form see here. Deadline is 5 February 2013 at 6pm.