• Bikes and Rabbits: Triptych

    Bikes and Rabbits, Triptych

    One of two shows being presented at Jacksons Lane as satellite events of the Roundhouse's CircusFest, Bikes and Rabbit's Triptych is a three-part study of aloneness and delusion. In each of its chapters the soloist Alice Allart takes on a different character and enters a different time period and world – the first section draws from the story of Nadezhda Vasilyeva, a Russian women who in the 1920s claimed to be the disappeared/executed Grand Duchess Anastasia and was subsequently imprisoned in a mental asylum; the second creates a new character, Annie, inspired by various physical comedians; and the last part, inspired by Bi Feiyu's book The Moon Opera, takes the audience into the mind of a singer in the Chinese contemporary opera.