• Currency: A European Exchange of Performed Ideas

    Ludvig Daae, MM | Photo: Karolina Bengtsson

    Curated by The Place and Crying Out Loud, and produced with the support of some heavyweight European cultural bodies, Currency is a four-night adventure into the borderlands between dance, circus and physical theatre. Each Currency event follows the same structure: a showing of ideas developed by a couple of artists who've spent two days in an intensive exchange; a meal + opportunity to talk about the event and the art; and finally a performance of a full-length production. There are different artists each night, and there are quite a lot of them, so check the full programme for details, though from a circus perpsective focus your attention particularly on the projects of French artist Jeanne Mordoj and Czech company Krepsko. For more on the ideas and motivations behind the project see Sideshow's news item.

    Artists: Julia Christ, Krepsko