• Gandini Juggling: Smashed

    Gandini Juggling, Smashed

    At its outdoor premiere at Watch This Space in 2010, Gandini Juggling's Smashed was a wry, elegant and warm tribute to Pina Bausch that took subversive delight in gradually disrupting the typical English image of afternoon tea. Since then, the company have developed it into a full-length performance, and gone further in exploring the work's darker reaches. Regardless, it's been a huge hit at both indoor and outdoor festivals in the UK and overseas, and there's something about the dance hall style of it that dovetails beautifully with the dry, slightly self-mocking, character of the company. For a better idea of the piece and its origins, see Sideshow's interview with Sean Gandini or watch a scene from the production – but, basically, it's recommended.

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