• Aloft Residency and Incubator Support Program (Chicago, USA)

    21 December 2014 Jobs & Opportunities

    Chicago’s Aloft has recently announced the first round of a new Residency and Incubator Support Program. The goal of this scheme is to encourage the development of new, exciting and innovative full-length creations in the United States.

    Recipients of the support programme will receive: rehearsal space to develop a new show, up to four hours per day private use for up to two months; flexible scheduling and programming; performance space to debut their show over one weekend; promotional support for the performance; work-in-progress showings with a panel of professionals for feedback; a stipend of $3000 to be used as the residency company chooses; opportunities to teach workshops and earn further income; professional photography and videography for the live performance.

    Also available at a nominal additional cost: costume design and construction; staged photography and videography; more advanced technical needs.

    Artists/companies wishing to apply should have: a strong concept for a full-length show; a high level of technical skill; vision for post-residency action (tour, promotion, etcetera); non-profit status, which can be achieved through a fiscal sponsor such as Links Hall or Fractured Atlas. Recipients of the support must also include language that states ‘This project was developed through a generous residency and Grant from Aloft Circus Arts’, along with the Aloft Logo, on all promotional materials for their show, whenever it is presented, and on any marketing, printed programs, websites, etcetera.

    This programme does not include travel, housing, or food/living expenses.

    To apply for the programme submit the following to shayna@aloftcircusarts.com by 15 January 2015: company name and history, including past performances; company mission/artistic statement; performer and director bios; description of the proposed show; perceived artistic process and timeline; photos and videos of past work; any other artistic support materials (drawings, sketches, scripts, etcetera); detailed plan for post-residency action. Finalists will be chosen by 1 February and interviews will follow. The final grant recipient will be notified on 15 February.

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