• Bella Kinetica Looking for Two Male Roller Skaters

    2 December 2013 Jobs & Opportunities
    Bella Kinetica

    Bella Kinetica are looking for two male roller skaters for Life on Wheels, a circus and theatre show performed 'entirely on roller skates, with aerial and musical elements'.

    The company are looking for two male roller skaters (quad skates). Applicants must be confident performers, with acting skills and stage presence, and the ability to improvise and contribute creatively.

    Musical and aerial experience is a plus, but not essential. Rehearsals are throughout April 2014, with tour dates at the end of April, 8 May 2014, and further dates to be added in the autumn.

    To apply send a CV, cover letter, photos and a short video to lisa@bellakinetica.com or for more information see the company's website.

    Artists: Bella Kinetica