• Commission for Cirque Bijou / Knowle West Media Centre's The Kitchen Circus Project

    19 December 2013 Jobs & Opportunities
    Cirque Bijou

    Knowle West Media Centre and Cirque Bijou are working together on The Kitchen Circus Project, a collaboration exploring ideas around identity, tourism, sustainability and hospitality through performances in the Bristol suburb Knowle West. Circus and digital artists will 'work with local people to plot a series of journeys across the neighbourhood, including hosting performances in people's living rooms and front gardens that mix intimacy with spectacle'.

    The Kitchen Circus Project is looking to commission two artists (one digital and one circus) to work together with Cirque Bijou and KWMC to design, develop and deliver an initial pilot performance. The budget for each commission is £1200, including expenses. There may be additional budget available for documentation and communication that supports and extends the reach of the project.

    In addition Cirque Bijou will provide production and logistical support. KWMC will provide studio space and engagement with local people.

    The organisers would like the first commission to be performed on 26 & 27 February 2014 as a pilot for the larger programme to be developed 2014/15.

    For more information and details on how to apply see here. Deadline is 6 January 2014.

    Artists: Cirque Bijou