• Delfina Foundation Residencies for Cultural Practitioners

    9 June 2014 Jobs & Opportunities
    Delfina Foundation

    Delfina Foundation, an independent arts foundation based in two amalgamated Edwardian houses in central London, is currently inviting applications from visual artists, curators, writers, film makers, live artists and other cultural practitioners for its thematic residency and public programme Performance as Process, which will take place in winter 2015.

    The season will bring together a minimum of six practitioners with invited guests to 'broadly explore how "performance" – from daily routines to religious rituals – plays an inherent role in cultural production'. More specifically, the aim of the programme is to 'consider performance as a way of approaching and understanding the world, just as much as it is a medium of producing art or engaging with the public'. Residents will be invited to research, create new work, meet and collaborate, share skills, and reflect on the performative aspect of their artistic practice, which could range from fine art to live art. The Foundation is particularly interested in practitioners whose work 'transgresses the boundaries of different fields of study, parts of society, and/or the physical and digital realm'.

    Performance as Process follows two other thematic seasons – The Politics of Food in winter 2014, and The Public Domain in spring 2014 – and as both programmes continue as undercurrents to the Foundation's broader research and production, they expect to support applicants whose interests draw together these lines of enquiry. The Politics of Food will return in Spring 2015, directly after Performance as Process, with the sub-theme of Sex, Diet & Disaster.

    UK and international practitioners, either established or emerging, are eligible to apply, and the selected applicants will receive a ten-week residency (including accommodation) at the Foundation's premises in London, one economy return flight, a bursary for per diems, and a local travel allowance. During the residency, the Foundation will support peer-to-peer conversations between residents through a series of informal gatherings and meals, as well as targeted organisational visits and opportunities to engage with artists, academics and researchers interested in the areas of focus. These internal events will be complemented with an external public programme of talks, screenings, dinners and panel discussions presenting the work, ideas and exchanges taking place.

    Note that while performance practitioners can apply for the residencies the Foundation is interested in critical and research-based practices and is unlikely to support a proposal for a straightforward creation residency. See the list of current and previous residents for a better idea of the Foundation's work.

    For more information and to apply see here. Deadline for applications is 7 July 2014.