• Glastonbury Arts Commissions

    28 November 2013 Jobs & Opportunities
    Glastonbury Arts Commissions

    Glastonbury Theatre and Circus Fields are commissioning three new shows for Glastonbury Festival 2014. The organisers are looking for some new experiences for their audiences that are 'spectacular and brave, and that work well with the creative atmosphere and scale of the festival'. The commissions come in three different shapes/sizes:

    Outdoor Installation: £7000 for an outdoor interactive installation to run throughout the four days of the festival. This could be something that is installed for the four days, or something that is set-up each day, or even something with no set-up. A large number of people should be able to participate in this (upwards of 100 per day) and it should be as weatherproof as possible.

    Large Scale Circus Show: £8000 for a large-scale circus show for the big top to be performed on three days of the festival. This show should have at least five performers, be at least 30 minutes long, and contain a high skill level. Part of the development of this show should include working with a director and the budget should include lighting design and shooting / editing a showreel. The commissioned piece will be given a showing prior to the festival.

    Ground-based Circus Show: £1500 for a ground-based show for three days of the festival in the circus big top. It should be at least ten minutes long and contain a high skill level. Lighting assistance will be provided.

    All commissions are funding pending, with the final decision due February 2014. Alongside the commission fee, successful applicants will be mentored during planning and creation and supported to bring their show to other audiences after the festival.

    For more information and details on how to apply see here [PDF] or here [.doc]. The deadline for applications is 6 January 2014.