• Open Call for Cirkus Cirkör Casting Workshop

    7 July 2014 Jobs & Opportunities
    Cirkus Cirkör

    Swedish company Cirkus Cirkör are holding a casting workshop to meet artists interested in working with them on a new creation being directed by Tilde Björfors.

    Cirkör would like to work with artists 'who are interested in research and [want] to invent new ideas and material in a creative, collective process', and 'who can contribute to the work with their own experience and knowledge in a close collaboration with the technical and creative team, all led by Tilde'.

    In its early stages the production is focused on the theme of Borders – inner boundaries as well as physical borders/frontiers, borders between countries, and borders between body and mind. The company are looking for artists who feel this is a theme they can relate to and who would be interested in digging deeply into it over a long period.

    Part 1 of the new show will be performed in Malmö, spring 2015. During fall 2015 the creation process will continue and Part 2 (the touring show) will premiere in April 2016. Applicants should take into consideration that Cirkör productions are normally on tour for 2-4 years.

    The audition workshop will take place 30 September – 1 October 2014 at Cirkörhuset in Alby, south of Stockholm. To apply for the audition workshop, send a CV, supporting materials (videos, links, etcetera), and a cover letter including a reflection on your relation to boundaries and frontiers, some thoughts on your relation to your art, and information on why you are interested in working with Cirkus Cirkör to producer Sara de Vylder on sara@cirkor.se by 30 August 2014.

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