• Transmit - Short Residencies for Circus Artists at Jacksons Lane

    22 November 2013 Jobs & Opportunities
    Jacksons Lane

    Following on from the Transmission programme last summer, and responding to artists who've asked for a scheme to support early stage work and the development of newer projects not yet ready for a full residency, Jacksons Lane has announced a week-long scheme called Transmit.

    The goal of Transmit is to support shorter, new ideas by giving six artists/companies a full week at Jacksons Lane with technical support and mentoring. During this time these companies will share the space as they work independently on their own projects.

    Transmit will take place 24-28 March 2014, with a public showing on 29 March. There's no formal application process, but Jacksons Lane would like to hear from any artists who are interested in the scheme. To express interest e-mail Adrian Berry on adrian@jacksonslane.org.uk with a brief summary of what you'd like to work on during Transmit.