• Women in Circus Consortium

    28 November 2013 Funding & Industry
    Women in Circus Consortium | Photo: Einar Kling Odencrants

    An initiative of the multidimensional Gynoïdes Project, the Women in Circus Consortium is a one-day seminar/event looking at the question of women in circus through keynotes, lectures, discussions and performance extracts.

    The key speakers for the event are Camilla Damkjaer, a circus/dance researcher who teaches at DOCH in Stockholm and who'll present on 'The Questions of Gender in Circus'; Helene Hermansson, whose research concentrates on 'ethics, the philosophy of risk and feminist philosophy' and who'll give a talk titled 'Rights at Risk'; Helene Frichot, from the School of Architecture and the Built Environment, who'll speak on 'Feminist Thinking in Architecture'; Marie-Andrée Robitaille, the artistic director of Gynoïdes, speaking about the findings of her project in 'Women in Circus – Feminist Strategies in Circus Composition'; and Rebecca Vinthagen and Lina Zavalia, from the organisation Settings, talking about their work adapting feminist and normative critical theories to create a practical creative campaign in 'Setting creative norms'.

    The event takes place in Stockholm, Sweden on 18 December 2013 from 10am - 8pm, in Cirkör LAB in the morning and at The Royal Institute of Technology's Experimental Performance Space & Presence Laboratory in the afternoon and evening. For the full programme see here.

    The event is free to attend, but places are limited and registration is necessary. If you'd like to go send an e-mail to womenincircus@cirkusperspektiv.se