• Arts Writers & Circus Arts [vol. 2]

    Arts Writers & Circus Arts [vol. 2]

    A collection of articles produced by the eight cultural journalists who attended a residency organised by Circostrada in the frame of Helsinki's Cirko Festival in May 2010. The pieces all respond in some way to the idea of contemporary circus' new and multifaceted aesthetics. The articles are presented in original language and English.


    Tomi Purovaara and Yohann Floch, 'Presentation'
    Viktoria Dalborg, 'Absurd and Exciting New Circus'
    Stine Degerbøl, 'The Rage of the Elements'
    John Ellingsworth, 'The Common Sensation'
    Stéphane Hort, 'A Question of Borders'
    Louise Kaare Jacobsen, 'Contemporary Circus – in Between Performativity and Theatricality'
    Anette Therese Pettersen, 'A Crash Course in Circus'
    Karoline Skuseth, 'Not Necessarily Beautiful – a Newborn Circus Critic’s Confessions'