• Unpack the Arts: Ny Circus Festival, Denmark

    As part of the European residency project Unpack the Arts, ten cultural journalists visited the Ny Circus Festival in Copenhagen 15-18 August 2012 to encounter (in some cases for the first time) the many faces of contemporary circus. Seeing four shows – GLiMT's Er du os?, La Meute's Tragédie Grecque, Cie Un loup pour l'homme's Face Nord, and Subliminati Corporation's #File_Tone – and interviewing the artists after their performances, the journalists then wrote the articles collected here – published in the original language and in English translation.


    Ana Tasić, 'From Traditional to Contemporary Circus: Towards a Definition of "Postcircus"'
    Arthur Hofmeester, 'New Circus in Denmark'
    Bianca Visser, 'Ny Cirkus Festival presents energetic, well-balanced performances'
    Christoforos Pavlakis, 'Drop of a hat?'
    Daniela Firescu, 'Natural born artist'
    Louise Finn, 'Into the mystic'
    Igor Ružić, 'Face Nord’s Acrobatics of Unstable Stereotypes'
    Srdan Laterza, 'If Nothing Falls, Nothing is Born: Risk in Contemporary Circus'
    Valentin Todorov, 'Copenhagen’s Ny Cirkus Festival: an Artistic Event of European Importance'
    Zala Dobovšek, 'What is the reach of new circus aesthetics?'