• Skye Gellmann

    Skye Gellmann | Photo: Sarah Walker

    Circus in the margins. A graduate of the Australian school NICA, Skye Gellmann creates stripped-down work attracted to the aesthetics of the in-between, the half-seen, the partly broken. Working in non-theatrical spaces, or in theatrical spaces in unusual ways, his performances to date include Scattered Tacks, a small ensemble piece that interpreted circus within the grimy, lowlit world of the squat; Mothlight, a piece for two acrobats performed amid a spidersweb of stretched plastic; and Blindscape, a combination circus performance and game where the audience members navigate soundscapes using an iPhone.

  • Magazine

    By John Ellingsworth on 2 October 2012 in Features

    Blindscape takes place in near darkness, in underground caverns, across rooftops, beside waterfalls and under the ocean. The audience are free to move wherever they like, but are guided by sound queues delivered by smartphone as they search for light to reveal the performance happening around and among them. John Ellingsworth talks to the artist Skye Gellmann about glitch art, losing control, the character of light, and combining improvised physical performance with game design.