• Handbalancing

    Standing on hands. Handbalancing covers handstand performance – on the floor, on canes, on towers of chairs, on revolving platforms, whatever. As with many disciplines, Chinese circus leads the field when it comes to blistering difficulty – the pioneers of handbalancing, in a purely technical sense, are mostly 14 year-olds still being run through the gears of the State system. In the contemporary circus scene, the discipline has found its place among a broader vocabulary that encompasses the dichotomies of strength and fragility, standing and falling.

  • Magazine

    By John Ellingsworth on 20 July 2011 in Reviews

    As the audience enter the small tent, Compagnie Rasposo are at table – eating, reaching across each other, talking, some sitting, some standing, one man building a card tower from biscuits, musicians to the side playing a jaunty air.

    By John Ellingsworth on 30 June 2011 in Reviews

    Appearing like a faerie ring there's an exploded circle of hay on a small green in Tackley village, a Giffords Circus A-board materialised at the centre to advertise their latest production: War and Peace at the Circus.

    By John Ellingsworth on 26 April 2010 in Reviews

    Last year I saw and reviewed the first part of Muualla, a collaboration between exceptional Finnish aerialist Ilona Jäntti and animator Tuula Jeker, and was broadly charmed by the world it created—a child's realm of exploration and pantomime danger where both the pleasures and the threats were imaginary.