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    By Jon Deline on 4 February 2011 in Features

    Heavy rain, desperate improvisation, an exploding generator – Jon Deline on performing at Cambodia's Tini Tinou International Circus Festival and why he'd do it all again.

    'The technical malfunctions started at annoying but soon reached a level of terrifying. Lights would go in and out, sound levels would go up and down for no apparent reason, sometimes causing the audience to shield their ears because the music was too loud. The coup de grace of the technical staff was the full-scale explosion of the generator that powered the follow spot. A doomsday visage, engulfed in flames, perched ten feet away from the audience.'

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    Phare Ponleu Selpak, Whereabouts Sunrise
    15/11/2010 to 12/12/2010
    Battambang – Cambodia