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    By John Ellingsworth on 8 August 2011 in Interviews

    'Many times we were exploring the technique and training the technical elements at the same time as we were drawing a dramaturgical line – which for this show has evolved around our La Putyka, around barmen and the destinies of people who can meet each other at a pub. We draw from much authentic experience and many adventures. For example the closing song was written by my father when he was receiving treatment for alcoholism in rehab. In Bohemia the song has its own magic, an unworldly quality, but also a great depth, describing what else, apart from cheer, alcohol and its demons can bring to a human being. I wonder how it's going to work in English...'

    Director Rostislav Novak on the work of the Czech company Cirk La Putyka.

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     Sacra Circus, Talíře/Taniere
    17/08/2014 to 02/09/2014
    Prague – Czech Republic