• Festival Cirque(s)

    deFracto, Circuits Fermés | Photo: Pierre Morel

    Organised by Anger's Le Quai cultural centre, Festival Cirque(s) is a short, one-venue festival with no particular thematic throughline – other than perhaps a concerted effort not to represent only one facet of circus, drawing freely from different styles and different countries.

    In 2011, Compagnie Un loup pour l’homme are at the festival with Appris par corps, a pure, spare show played out in a new acrobatic language that made the company Jeunes Talents Cirque Laureates in 2006 (seems like this show won't be around forever – see it while you can); there's a double bill of miniaturist works by Circo Aereo's Jani Nuutinen, Un cirque plus juste and Une séance peu ordinaire; and Compagnie deFracto show a twenty minute extract of Circuits Fermés, which Sideshow saw at the JTCE selection in Paris last year, and which is a little oversweet in its characterisation but nonetheless technically very tight, going a long way on nothing more than a bucket of white balls and a gym mat.