• Melting Pot

    Compagnie Non Nova: P.P.P. | Photo © Jean-Luc Beaujault

    Organised by Les Migrateurs and held at the Théâtre de Hautepierre in Strasbourg, Melting Pot is a new, short, dense festival of contemporary circus that programmes performances, exhibitions, works-in-progress, concerts and workshops.

    For the 2011 edition, the first edition, they're taking two JTCE laureates – DeFracto with their sharply conceived and executed juggling duet Circuits Fermés, and Room 100 with C8H11NO2, a contortion piece about schizophrenia that shares a border with certain body-based interpretations of live art – and putting them alongside two very established companies: Compagnie Non Nova, who will be presenting P.P.P., and La Scabreuse, who will be showing Avant l’homme de boue (a work-in-progress) and Parade (an outdoor show in collaboration with Compagnie Mistral Est). There's also a couple of evening concerts, a dance/acrobatics jam, and an exhibition of photographs and film charting the history of Les Migrateurs.