• American Philanthropist Aileen Getty Donates $1 million to Circus Space

    25 April 2013 Funding & Industry
    Circus Space

    Following its receipt of Catalyst funding in May 2012, Circus Space has announced a $1 million dollar donation from the American philanthropist Aileen Getty. Circus Space will receive £200,000 a year for the next three years – funds the school will put towards its core running costs.

    Aileen Getty sez: 'These are difficult and challenging times for so many and the opportunities to give are endless. And one may question the importance of supporting the Circus Arts when basic needs in our cities are so great and not being met. I have thought deeply about this over the years and believe you cannot underestimate the value of keeping wonder alive. Wonder keeps our spirits joyous and resilient.'

    While this pledge represents the largest single donation to-date, Circus Space have been ramping up their fundraising steadily over the last year, and still have two more to go under the auspices of the Catalyst programme – an ACE initiative designed to build the private fundraising capacity of arts organisations as they head into the uncertain future.