• The Archaos Circus Archive Wants Your Wild & Indecorous Memories

    8 April 2011 Artist & Company

    You may already have spent a happy hour browsing the Archaos Circus Archive, a multi-authored online storehouse of memories, press clippings, photos and videos concerning the famous French company and their work. Entries are divided into categories covering the various shows, the 'Archaos Family', 'Borkowski and the Press', etcetera, and are tied to location to display on an interactive map.

    It's a fragmentary and tantalising resource, with some charming stories if you do a little digging: a New Year's Eve gig in Bologna where the company played to a bored, well-to-do opera audience while anarchist punks clashed loudly with riot police just outside the windows of the hall; the Bouinax Finale in Toronto where the company's big top was pitched and stranded in an out-of-town baseball stadium; an Edinburgh kidnapping; how a man travelling to Switzerland to work in a pasta factory ended up crewing for the circus.

    The site's administrators want more people to add their memories to fill out the archive, so if you've got an Archaos story – and who, in circus, of a certain generation, does not? - then head over to the site and register. Sideshow would like especially for someone to resolve the mystery of the Pierrot Bidon / U2 collaboration that the mists of time have seen fit to obscure.

    Artists: Archaos