• Circus Space are Casting for Batman Live

    18 November 2010 Jobs & Opportunities

    Difficult to tell whether it would be a lucid dream or a contracted 12 month wracking nightmare, but the Circus Space are handling casting for the WORLD ARENA TOUR of Batman Live, 'a theatrical extravaganza of thrilling stunts, acrobatic acts and illusions'.

    Applications are called for from aerialists, acrobats and freerunners/traceurs. There's no age limit and they're looking for male and female performers, although let's face it all the girls can hope for is Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy while the boys have The Joker, The Riddler, The Penguin, Robin (Robin sucks), Alfred, and Batman himself. Batman himself.

    Training starts spring 2011, moves onto full rehersals in May and then the tour kicks off in Manchester July 2011.

    Deadline for applications: 6 December 2010. Closed auditions will then be held at the Circus Space on 13 & 15 December (acrobatics) and 17 December (aerial).

    For full application information see here.

    Artists: Circus Space