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    24 March 2011 Jobs & Opportunities
    Circus Space

    Lab:time is Circus Space's new programme to support early-stage work and R&D through free space and micro-grants (of up to £600) in four separate strands: Space:time (use of the Circus Space Creation Studio), Team:time (funds to bring new collaborators into a research process), Tech:time (funds for the purchase or development of new equipment), and High:time (funds to pay for a rigger to support R&D). Applicants can mix and match and apply for a single strand, or to combinations, or to all four.

    Lab:time has been funded by The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation for the next three years, during which time there will be twelve funding rounds, with applications opening once every three months. Each round will start a cycle lasting seven months: applications in the first month; allocation by the end of the second month; and work taking place between the fifth and seventh months.

    Right now Circus Space are inviting applications for the first funding round, which is for work that will take place between July and September 2011. Any UK-based artist interested in working with circus can apply, and there are no restrictions on where money from the Team/Tech/High funds can be spent. Note though that the programme has been put together to support early-stage work, so is unlikely to accept projects that have already spent a significant amount of time in development. Deadline for applications is 11 April 2011, and see here for notes on how to apply.

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