• Last (Circus) Cooperation Projects Selected Under the EU Culture Programme

    3 March 2013 Funding & Industry

    The final awards have been made under strand 1.2.1 of the EU's 2007-2013 Culture Programme, with four circus projects selected:

    [Circus] work ahead! - €200,000 (32.94%)
    Applicant: Københavns Internationale Teater
    Co-organisers: CIRCa, Pôle national des arts du cirque; Les Halles de Schaerbeek; Zahrada (aka Cirqueon)

    Identifying the need to increase international mobility, to develop new pathways between training and professional work, to disseminate circus outside of major urban centres, and to educate audiences on contemporary circus forms, [Circus] work ahead! aims to strengthen links between schools and creation/production networks, to boost the training of young professionals through a series of masterclasses, to increase the distribution of circus outside of major cities, to evaluate and report on public perceptions of contemporary circus work (in collaboration with a university research centre), and to advocate for increased support/subvention for contemporary circus from cultural venues and institutional authorities.

    TOQQORTUT - Circus Effects Network - €58,170 (29.35%)
    Applicant: Circus Arts
    Co-organisers: Atempo Circ, Greenland National Theatre, Grenland Friteater, Salpaus Further Education, The Academy for Untamed Creativity, Vesturport Theater & Film

    Conceived as a project of the Circus Effects Network, a collection of organisations working with rigging and pyrotechnics for circus and stage, TOQQORTUT will be a large-scale site-specific performance in Greenland in which 'Greenlandic storytelling tradition and mask work meets pyrotechnics, innovative air rigs, ice, fire, clown and circus'. Leading up to the performances, the project will incorporate workshops on rigging, pyrotechnics, circus and the use of fire in performance.

    Circus Art Research & Exchange - €200,000 (49.99%)
    Applicant: Cirkör
    Co-organisers: Cahin-Caha, Circo Aereo, Cirk La Putyka, Cirkus Xanti, Compagnie Un Loup Pour L'homme, Nordic House

    Recognising that most international networks are focused on administration and production, CARE is a network connecting contemporary circus companies for interdisciplinary labs, artistic meetings, seminars and residencies. The partners 'want to find innovative ways to approach their future artistic work with contemporary circus through the artistic network meetings and through physical research', and will aim to disseminate their findings within their local context.

    Circus as a way of life - €65,900 (50%)
    Co-organisers: Art Kontakt, CapilloTractée ComPagnie, City tourist association Varaždin, NVO Geto, ΘΕΑΤΡΟ ΔΡΟΜΟΥ HELIX

    Bringing together young people and organisations from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Albania, this project poses a series of workshops and lectures integrating contemporary circus, street theatre, physical performance, creative thinking, and practical career advice in order to professionalise about 80 young people and to create new sustainable opportunities for circus and street theatre in the Balkan region. The project will also lead to the creation of a new, international company composed of twenty workshop participants from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Albania.

    For the full list of project applicants and project descriptions see here. These are the final Cooperation Projects to be awarded under this strand of the Culture Programme, which will be replaced (sometime soonish) by Creative Europe.