• NoFit State Trainee Circus Performer Placements

    31 August 2012 Jobs & Opportunities
    NoFit State Circus

    Cardiff-based NoFit State Circus are looking for two to three people with acrobatic, dynamic aerial or unique floor skills to join the company as trainee performers.

    The training placements start in January 2013, last for one year, and are supported by a bursary from the company. Applicants should be between 18-30 years old, and can be either recent school graduates or talented self-taught artists. As the apprentice training is funded by Arts Council England, applicants will also need to be from England but willing to relocate to Cardiff to work and train in the company’s circus centre. The successful applicants will spend part of their trainee year in Cardiff and part of it touring with the professional company on the big top version of the show Bianco.

    For more information e-mail office@nofitstate.com Deadline for applications is 28 September 2012 with auditions on 18, 22, or 23 October 2012.