• Two Positions Open at Circus Space

    12 September 2013 Jobs & Opportunities
    Circus Space

    London's Circus Space are currently recruiting for two positions: Higher Education Programme Year Manager (full-time), and Higher Education Programme Academic and Performance Leader (part-time).

    Both involve susbtantial amounts of teaching as well as administrative/organisational duties -- for the Year Manager overseeing and organising the development of students from a specific year group as they progress through Circus Space's programmes, and for the Academic and Performance Leader overseeing and organising the development of the performance aspects and academic support strategies of the school's Higher Education Programme.

    For both positions applicants should possesses an extensive and up-to-date knowledge of teaching to a professional skill level within the circus arts, and of teaching students with varying abilities, skill levels and experience.

    For more information and to apply see here. Deadline is 7 October 2013.

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