• Volunteers Needed for Nepal Circus Project

    29 March 2012 Miscellaneous
    Nepal Circus Project

    Volunteers are currently being sought for two linked circus projects in Nepal: Sapana, a social circus training programme, and Circus Kathmandu, a professional company for those who've trained in Sapana. Both projects work with Nepalese young people who were trafficked or displaced into India and subsequently rescued by the Esther Benjamins Trust. Many of these children were sold into Indian circuses and forced to perform, and the purpose of Sapana is to give a creative/positive experience of circus training while providing them with the tools to develop a professional career.

    Both projects are looking for volunteer teachers with a mix of circus and theatre skills – particularly specialists in aerial and acrobatics, but also hand to hand, contortion, handbalancing, hula hoop, clowning and physical theatre, puppetry, or whatever else. Volunteers will need to have good experience of teaching, either in a lead or support role, and the recommended period for volunteering is at least three months.

    Food, accommodation and local travel is covered. If you're interested in volunteering, e-mail both Sky Neal on sky@circuskathmandu.com and Robyn Simpson robyn@circuskathamdu.com for an application form.

    Artists: Circus Kathmandu