• Circo Aereo: Un Cirque Plus Juste

    Circo Aereo: Un Cirque Plus Juste | Photo: Philippe Laurençon

    A standout among the exciting circus programme for this year's LIMF, Un Cirque Plus Juste is Finnish artist Jani Nuutinen's miniaturist solo combining shadowplay, illusion and object manipulation – and it really is a solo. Credited to Jani are: direction, script, performance, lighting design, set design, costume design, and design of the circus tent. Presenting company Circo Aereo are big players in the Finnish contemporary circus scene, and despite a history of extensive European touring they've only just started to cross over to England (Race Horse Company's Petit Mal was produced by Aereo). Hopefully this is another step toward putting the UK on their regular touring circuit.

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    Artists: Circo Aereo