• Cirk La Putyka: La Putyka

    Cirk La Putyka, La Putyka | Photo: Martin Faltus

    Ooh, interesting: a piece of Czech contemporary circus about the world of the pub local that began, creatively, from a desire to work in a language and aesthetic different from the dominant French mode – to create something Czech. As the director Rostislav Novák puts it: 'Just as the French have their wine, Czechs have their beer. Therefore our production is based on the Czech reality of pub life. In this sense La Putkya is some sort of new circus.' Sounds pretty good, but there are a couple more reasons why this one's worth a swing: one is that it's at Zoo Southside and among the thronging crooks and mountebanks of Edinburgh they've accumulated considerable credit as a venue programming interesting physical and visual work, and the other is that on their next piece Cirk La Putyka will be working with Circo Aereo's Maksim Komaro, who's reputedly very picky about who he'll direct...

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    Artists: Cirk La Putyka