• Sisters: Clockwork

    Sisters, Clockwork | Photo: Petter Hellman

    Fetching up in North Finchley but coming under the banner of the Roundhouse's CircusFest, Clockwork is one of several (all-male) productions to have recently emerged from Scandinavia (another, La Meute, is at the Roundhouse's main space). The title of the show reflects the company's broad ambition to make a piece where the three performers 'move together as one', but also connects to their specific work with 'human juggling'. Company member Valia Beauvieux:

    'When we started, we were conceiving human juggling as something similar to the juggling notation siteswap. We were thinking: 'Let's try to make it 3-3-3 or 4-1-4'... In our work, especially on the Chinese pole, you can see very clearly how the routines are based on patterns. Now we're working more with the manipulation element of the juggling, which really goes hand-in-hand with the function of clockwork. We're working on creating a universe where the human body can be lots of things other than just a human body. It's a complex dance between legs, arms, torsos and heads that creates a metamorphosis — three individuals becoming one being.'

    Company website here, chilled out rehearsal footage here. Not the scale and sort of show that often makes it to England, so see it if you can.

    Artists: Sisters