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    By John Ellingsworth on 10 April 2011 in Reviews

    Two characters, a man and a woman, are undergoing a rehabilitative process, alone except for the ambient voice of a calm, insistent psychiatrist. The man remembers a terrible accident, and struggles with depression and thoughts of suicide; the woman's memory slides away whenever she comes close to its pivotal moment.

    By John Ellingsworth on 13 February 2010 in Interviews

    'We're developing a multitouch screen—a bit like an iPhone but much bigger. I'm developing a programme, an application, that is currently working on a small-scale prototype, where we can zoom in and manipulate objects on the screen. Then we'll make it to a larger scale. And then with this theme of folie a deux [a madness shared by two], the underlying idea for the touchscreen is to show "impossible" things and how in the mind you can develop paths that are completely wrong.'

    Sideshow interviews Sebastien Valade and Rachel Pollard of Green Eyed Zero about remotely operating their sound and tech cues while performing on stage, the place of technology in their work, and their plans for a new show.

    By John Ellingsworth on 3 December 2009 in Reviews

    A couple move into an apartment, and it's wonderful. There's space for his office, light for her study. Great views. All their furniture fits, and the only friction is over whether the coffee table should be at an angle to the throwrug (stylish!) or neatly parallel to its edges. But then the phone rings.

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    Green Eyed Zero, Folie à Deux
    13/03/2012 to 24/03/2012
    The Brewery Theatre
    Green Eyed Zero, Folie à Deux