• Trampoline

    Augmented jumping. A gymnastic discipline that has crossed over into circus, trampoline tends to be in big-budget spectacle shows (where the trampoline will perhaps be disguised as a bed or a piece of animal hide or recessed and hidden in the flooring), but does have companies who disturb the strict technique of the discipline with stylistic deviation. A couple of notable practitioners are the French company Collectif AOC, who work with ensemble trampoline among other skills, and the Finnish Race Horse Company, whose Rauli Kosonen is one of the extraordinary artists of the discipline.

  • Magazine

    By John Ellingsworth on 30 October 2010 in Reviews

    It's all about the carrots. In a carrot-driven society where everyone wants more carrots and is not content with the carrots they have, human beings are reduced either to unthinking automatons or to cruelly acquisitive, carrot-hungry Machiavellists.

    By John Ellingsworth on 15 May 2010 in Reviews

    By the end the stage floor is torn up, the Chinese pole has been felled, feathers and tyres are everywhere. The set is a wreck, but then it always was...

    By John Ellingsworth on 27 March 2010 in Reviews

    The programme for Migrations has as its centrefold a timeline of the history of diaspora, starting with the Phoenicians in Lebanon (c. -3000 BC), tracking the movements of the Huns, the Magyars and the imperialist British, and ending in 2007 with the arrival at Circus Space of the recently graduated degree students who are onstage tonight.