• Circus Programme at Avignon: Midi Pyrénées Fait Son Cirque

    7 July 2011 Festivals
    Cie SACEKRIPA, Coulisses | Photo: Guillaume Cloup

    The three principle circus bodies of the Midi-Pyrénées region, CIRCA, La Grainerie and Le Lido have teamed up to organise Midi Pyrénées Fait Son Cirque en Avignon, a major strand of circus work within France's Avignon Festival (which has been going since 1947, but only started to allow circus in fairly recent memory).

    In the programme are Cie Sacekripa, Cie Les Baigneurs, Cie Ah oui!, Cirk’oblique, Cie Virevolt, Cie Morosof, and the two best companies from Circa 2010: Théâtre d’un jour, presenting their sad and thoughtful piece about illness and the imagination, L’enfant qui…, and Cie EaEo, who'll be performing , a show exploring the effect of diminishing personal space on deep human relationships and juggling patterns. Midi Pyrénées Fait Son Cirque en Avignon runs 8-24 July 2011. Check out the full programme here.