• Compagnie MPTA / Mathurin Bolze: A Bas Bruit

    Compagnie MPTA / Mathurin Bolze, A Bas Bruit | Photo: Christophe Raynaud de Lage

    Last at the London International Mime Festival in 2011 with the filmic Du Goudron et des Plumes, and last in the capital for a performance of his intense duet with Hedi Thabet Ali, Mathurin Bolze is one of the leading lights of French contemporary circus. His latest work A Bas Bruit, which 'explores what happens when feelings and ideas rebel against the established order of things', takes some measure of inspiration from the French ethnographer and filmmaker Jean Rouch, and marks a transition point in Bolze's career (and possibly an emerging generational shift in the sector) as, for the first time, he directs the piece without himself performing in it.