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    Arts Council England

    Published by ACE in 2005 following changes in licensing regulations, this guide provides information and advice on how the legislative changes affect those working in circus and street arts (and the local authorities that host them), giving two sample licenses.

    Fresh Circus 2: European seminar on the sustainable development of circus arts

    Documenting the second Fresh Circus seminar, which took place 12-13 April 2012 at Parc de la Villette in Paris, this publication collects reports from the event's ten breakout working groups. The seminar's uniting theme was an exploration of the 'sustainable development' of circus arts, with sessions covering such subjects as artistic residencies, cultural journalism, cooperation with businesses, the role of new media in developing audiences, and the effect of globalisation on circus aesthetics.

    Research Area: Production
    Organising an Artistic Event in the Public Space

    A detailed practical walkthrough for organising an artistic event in an outdoor, public space that covers insurance, safety, installation, environmental concerns, and various other factors.