• Les Objets Volants

    Jugglers' Jugglers. French company Les Objets Volants are juggling nerds, innovating with spreadsheets and formulae and theoretical juggling patterns. Expressing their art and technique at its purest they can be inscrutably complex (for a non-juggler), but the company also work with specially designed objects, in that crossover point between juggling and puppetry/manipulation, and in 2006 teamed up with Circo Aereo to make one of the most famous and widely toured works of recent years, Espresso.

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    By John Ellingsworth on 19 July 2009 in Reviews

    Held in the Astroturf square outside the National Theatre where it was almost magically cursed by bad weather, I’m not sure how much of Watch This Space’s third week was either cancelled or abbreviated—but the days I was there the Gandinis (jugglers in residence) seemed like the perfect company to take the problems in their stride.